PBO DESIGN: Privileged partner of HAIKU DESIGN

Patrick Bourlet, the Managing Director of PBO DESIGN, and Didier Mandart, the Director of HAIKU DESIGN, are alumni of the same ESDI design school (Paris). Although different, their professional careers were both spent in small design companies before each moved to the Basque region and founded their own design agency, one in 1996 and one in 2008. They met in the Fédération des Designers en Aquitaine (FDA: the Aquitaine Designers Federation), where both were active members - respectively President and Treasurer from 2013 to 2015. They are now on its Board of Directors.

It was therefore quite natural for them to decide to work closely together, while keeping both organisations separate, and to pool their different experiences and individual customer references to work together on new projects.

Complementing each other, the two design agencies pool their skills in order to give a comprehensive response in terms of innovation through design to all your company's requirements, such as:

  • design strategy
  • brand identity and codes
  • service design
  • product design (industrial, mass retail or transport)
  • interface design (UI design)
  • graphic design
  • space design
  • information studies

They share the same design "philosophy" and the same values:

  • A user-centric design approach that takes into account, in a cross-functional way, not only the aesthetic, technical and cost aspects, but also the ergonomics of use, user experience (UX design) and eco-design;
  • A commitment to customers to provide the best response, respecting people, costs and timescales, with support and a good, relationship over the long term to reach the joint objective of a success that benefits all;
  • Sharing experiences and brainstorming that will, through intensive work in a motivated, reinforced and multi-disciplinary team, enrich both people and projects for the good of the customers and users.

Contractually linked, the two design agencies work in complete transparency, respect and confidentiality with regard to their customers.

Below you will find examples of projects carried out together by the two agencies.

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