We invent new possibilities for you and with you

We invent new possibilities for you and with you



We initiate and develop innovation by design, from the idea to its realisation, based on a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach focused on user expectations, in the following areas:

pictogramme Design produit
Product design

design of industrial and consumer products

pictogramme Design interactif
Interactive design

design of digital interfaces for products and services

pictogramme Design stratégie
Strategy design

brand analysis and strategy

pictogramme Design graphique
Graphic design

study of visual identities and brand image

pictogramme Design d'espace
Interior design

industrial, office, and commercial layouts

Schema Feasibility Viability Desirability

Common goals...

By listening and anticipating the contexts and challenges of a company, we actively participate in the innovation process of our customers and help develop their business.
Based on a carefully developed strategy and through a global vision of the project, perfectly adapted solutions that are technically sound, viable with regards to the market, and desirable from the point of view of users emerge from our creation and design work.
We give meaning to our ideas and enable them to be expressed with the aim of revealing simplicity within complex solutions.

Respective commitments...

As a socially responsible company, we strive to promote the useful, offer the essential, and create the most relevant synergies between the user and the environment respecting Society, relationships, and nature (socio-eco design).

And with company...

Because a project is not designed on its own, because discussion and working together feed and enrich views and proposals given the issues raised and for each project that requires it, we supplement our own work with the work of a suitable and competent team that we form and manage.
This team is composed of members from our privileged and qualified partners and our network of experts, such as sociologists, ergonomists, editors, photographers, illustrators, 3D modellers, designers, and prototype designers.

pictogramme partenaires privilégiés

Our privileged partners

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pictogramme partenaires qualifiés

Our qualified partners

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Our rewards

Our greatest reward is the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our projects with users.
We are also proud to have been honoured by our peers which awarded us the following design awards:

Prix Institut Français du Design (Janus 2016 de la Prospective)

Janus de la Prospective 2016

Institut Français du Design
For the Cristal system - LOHR

Trophée de l’innovation du Transport Public 2014

2014 Public Transportation Innovation Trophy

GART - Groupement des Autorités Responsables du Transport
For the PRIME tramway - NTL - Alstom Group

Prix Etoile du design 2012

Etoile du Design 2012

Observeur du Design - APCI
Agence pour la Promotion de la Création Industrielle
For the Cristal system - LOHR

Certified CII - Innovation credit

Certified CII - Innovation credit

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