Amicacciu, a safety razor

Area of intervention: product design

BIG MOUSTACHE provides its customers with a service through which they receive at home, each month, a package containing the exact number of razor blades they need. The benefit of this service? No need to go to the post-office to collect the parcel, since the package is deposited directly in their letterbox.

BIG MOUSTACHE is primarily a razor-blade subscription service, but it is more than that. The company wants to position itself as an on-line shaving specialist, and little by little it is expanding its range with, in particular, accessories such as creams, shaving brushes, bowls, kits, etc.

For BIG MOUSTACHE, HAIKU DESIGN and PBO DESIGN carried out the study for a razor handle that it wanted to offer its subscribers in the future. The study involved analysing the competition, ideation, preliminary design and design project for the sleeve and its accessories. The design studies will be followed by the product's mass production and monitoring once BIG MOUSTACHE is in a position to handle its distribution.

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