We develop a specific strategy for each project based on a rigorous methodology

We develop a specific strategy for each project based on a rigorous methodology


General and specialist...

We offer customised services in the following fields:

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Consulting and expertise

Specific work on a given issue: participation and/or organisation of a creation session, assessment of a situation, product, or service, monitoring, awareness, education, etc.

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Design study

Work on a given subject, product or service, including any or all successive design process phases, from initial analysis to monitoring implementation.

See our methodology
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Design management

Global work concerning the long-term development and monitoring or your company's brand strategy to define and represent its positioning codes with respect to users and the market.

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Mutual support...

We believe that the success of a good design requires the involvement of all of a project's stakeholders, including the future users themselves.
It is for this reason that we provide close support for our customers which implies their active participation, throughout design studies, to ensure that they take full ownership of the solutions that suit them, in support of our expertise.
Therefore, we discuss, think about, produce, test, and develop the best ideas for the best results together following a design-thinking process on an ad hoc or continuous basis.

Our design methodology

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Specification and definition

Objectives: define the project's parameters
Methods: Audit, survey, interviews, inventory, research, etc.
Tools: Tools: analysis of original specifications, context, market-competition, trends, etc.
Deliverables: Analysis, design specifications

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Exploration and creative research

Objectives: develop ideas
Methods: Case studies, co-creative workshops, ASIT, mapping, etc.
Tools: Diagnostic, cahier des charges design, esquisses, storyboard, maquettage rapide, ...
Deliverables: Ideas book

methodology icon phase 3
Generation of concepts and preliminary design studies

Objectives: offer realistic responses
Methods: iterations, value analysis, simulations, prototyping, etc.
Tools: ideas book, ergonomic, economic, and technical data, 2D / 3D modeling and representation, etc.
Deliverables: proposals paper

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Project assessment and studies

Objectives: provide a sound, viable, and desirable solution
Methods: Assessments, consultations, simulations, prototyping, etc.
Tools: Proposals paper, data refining, 2D/3D modelling and representations, etc.
Deliverables: Detailed solution file

methodology icon phase 5
Launch an implementation support

Objectives: Validate and correct, if need be
Methods: Assessments, analyses, consultations, user test, etc.
Tools: Detailed solution file, launch study, prototype, pre-production copy, etc.
Deliverables: Review, quality assessment, validation file

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Change management

The launch and implementation support phase is likely to continue beyond final production with regular and / or permanent inspection and analysis activities to anticipate possible improvements or developments in addition to the range, for example.

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