Customer: NTL - Alstom Group

Area of intervention: Product design, graphic design.

Developer of innovative solutions for public transport, NTL is the designer and manufacturer of the Translohr tram-on-tyres system. Addressing current eco-mobility issues, the solutions developed by NTL are part of the new generation of urban transport systems: accessible, electric and high-capacity. Read more

Translohr STE is a large-capacity urban public transport system, available in a range of tramways with 3–6 passenger modules and 25m–46m in length. Its car-to-ground connection via tyres and its continuous built-in guidance system give it many advantages. Read more

From the creation of the Translohr tramway, HAIKU DESIGN has worked with NTL on the definition, ideation, design studies and experiments concerning the various variants, developments and customisations of the models in the range. The product design project carried out by HAIKU DESIGN related to the product architecture, the inside and outside coachwork, the colour and material moods, the layouts and the equipment inside the passenger compartments and the driver's cabin: accessibility, ergonomics, supports, seats, information and communication, lighting, ventilation, etc. HAIKU DESIGN's assignment also included creating and supplying images of the Translohr for NTL's communications.

Eight transport networks have already chosen the Translohr tram-on-tyres:
Clermont-Ferrand in 2006,
Padua (Italy) in 2007,
Tianjin – Teda (China) in 2007,
Shanghai (China) in 2009,
Venice – Mestre (Italy) in 2010,
Saint-Denis – Sarcelles (Paris, RATP T5 line) in 2013,
Châtillon – Vélizy – Viroflay (Paris, RATP T6 line) in 2014.
Medellin: commissioned in March 2016, Medellin is the first tram-on-tyres line in the Latin American continent.

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